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The subjects you’ll create

How it works:

  • The paintings are created in four separate stages, letting the paint dry between each stage.
  • Each stage is created by one technique going next to or on top of another technique.
  • So each technique is easy to learn, and easy to do.
  • It’s the secret combination of the techniques that creates the sophisticated effects.
  • The effects and results come naturally. You just have to be shown what to do. 
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Here’s how you get your creative power

What you learn and why - all made super easy!

  • How to perform each of the 12 Professional advanced techniques

    ✓ this is your powerhouse toolkit. This turns your paintbrush into your magic wand.

  • The significant combinations of techniques. How and when to use them, and the effects these combinations create

    ✓ this means you'll be able to paint any subject you want, any way you want.

  • How to physically alter the paint for each technique

    ✓ this turns your normal tube of paint into a different substance, and opens new worlds of opportunities, because your new paint substances achieve different visual effects.

  • Which type of implements to use, and how and when to use them. And the effects these create

    ✓ getting these right means you don't make mistakes. You learn how to use the implements in ways no one else does, such as using a big brush to create extraordinary detail. All these professional secrets are revealed.

  • Characteristics of oil paint, and how these vary, and which to choose and why. How to use each for the effect you want

    ✓ unless you know these extraordinary, and rare, characteristics your paintings will look like everybody else's, or worse, like the amateur.

  • How to make your own medium. Controls quality and saves cost

    ✓ your special homemade medium is your liquid magic.

  • What amateurs do, and those with the usual techniques. And how to avoid doing that

    ✓ this is your bridge over troubled waters and gets you on the path to immediate success.

  • How to break up a subject into elements. How to work with these elements using advanced techniques and their combinations

    ✓ this makes your painting success simple. It also means you can paint sophisticated paintings any way you want to do so, easily.

  • You learn all this easily while you paint along!

    Step-by-step quality video tuition

    You get nearly

    40 years of genuine professional experience

    standing beside you at the easel

    This level of experience does two things. It saves you from falling into pitfalls and traps, which cost in effort, inspiration, money, and precious time. Secondly, your pathway to success is laid out wide and clear for you to easily walk along, receiving the benefits of proven achievement.

    You miss the lows and get the highs
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    You are getting ‘lived experience’ that is unmatched anywhere in the world

    Who can paint SOPHISTICATED paintings in this course?

    ✔   Experienced Artist

    You benefit by boosting the quality of your work, and by being able to create the subjects and effects you’ve been missing out on.

    ✔   Some experience

    You regain your inspiration, and finally realise you are capable of creating the paintings you’ve been wanting to.

    ✔   Beginner

    You are incredibly fortunate. By doing this course you’ll be dodging the bad habits and poor teaching that holds people back. Jump ahead in sophisticated quality immediately!

    Course Instructor

    Robert Bosler – Australia

    Top painting sales price of $25,000

    Countless paintings sold worldwide

    Course Instructor

    Developer of the advanced Fine Art Techniques DVD sold into 38 countries

    Continual exhibitions in galleries and through his large Sydney studios

    Many of his exhibitions, or a single artwork, televised locally and nationally

    Established an investment art gallery in 1988 selling national and international investment works

    Author of three books on art, including “Guide to Teaching Art”

    Developer of The Laws For Creativity

    Accomplished sculptor in marble, bronze and wood

    What successful artists say ..

    I came across Robert’s courses online many years ago. It immediately hit me! This is exactly what I was missing all these years to raise my level in painting from amateur painting to professional painting. (I graduated art school.)

    And indeed the magic happened. After I purchased the full course and went through it meticulously and did everything Robert explains there with his endless enthusiasm, My painting jumped a step. I knew how to start and how to finish a painting, professionally. There was no more struggling of technique for me. And I could free up to deal with the content of my work.

    And since then I have exhibited and sold my works in Israel and around the world to collectors. I send a big thanks from here to Robert for being my master at the right moment in my career.

    Thank you


    I attended the course Advanced Oil Painting Techniques from Robert last year online. And i am still trying out and exploring the amazing huge possibilities, that these techniques are offering. And i have great fun with it.

    Robert teaches these amazing techniques, getting you in a situation, to feel safe for painting with oil paint in a sophisticated way. He gives you a systematic procedure, with which you can build up your painting in a step by step way to an amazing end.

    But you can also feel free with these techniques, to use them in a way you like for getting the results you want. And you also can feel free, to experiment with these techniques as you like, without ruining the painting technically.

    I worked in my artwork a long time with pencils and pastels. And i also tried out acrylic and airbrush. There came a time, where i reached a limit, where i could not longer expand with these techniques in a way, i wanted.

    So, Robert’s teaching came to me at the right time. And it is not only the transmitting of techniques, that makes this course very good. It is also, and especially the way, Robert is teaching. The spirit of a teacher is very important for the student, to be able, to grasp the lessons.



    Don’t let the price misguide you

    The Budget Price course is priced cheaply because the opportunity to create sophisticated works of art should be available to everyone. It is your birth right to have the creative tools to achieve your artistic dreams.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    You can do this

    100% Money Back Guarantee

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    6 months access – over four times what  you need

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    Did you know ..

    Did you know that most artists worldwide use only 3 techniques?

    And that most artists are not fully aware of the difference between technique and procedure?

    The world is overflowing with people who make art courses, and YouTube videos, saying all sorts of things about ‘techniques’.

    If you’ve gone looking, you would have found that some say there are 25 techniques, and others say they have “techniques and tips” and just about everything else you can imagine.

    It’s all well-intentioned. But because most don’t know the 12 actual professional techniques, they teach very limited ways of putting paint on canvas. 

    Then someone learns those, makes a video or a course, and passes that limited knowledge on to the next person.

    That means people are joining courses, learning from YouTube, and end up NOT getting the results they want.

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    Get the skills.  Get the power.  Feel the thrill.

    Got a question?

    Feel free to email Robert

    Value for money?

    Here is the course curriculum!

    Don’t worry — it’s all super easy. Just start at Chapter 1 and follow along!


    1 Course Notices

    Course notices & updates

    2 Welcome

    Welcome & How to approach this course

    3 First up – simple mechanics

    In case you have to order art supplies

    How the course is laid out

    4 Setting the context for your knowledge

    Understanding Advanced Techniques

    The path to clarity

    5 The 12 Techniques and a little about them

    Written referral notes in brief

    6 The subjects in the course

    Why these subjects?

    7 Getting the best from the painting lessons

    How best to paint along

    Entirely Optional – something you may wish to share

    8 Explaining the course content

    Terminology used in the course

    About the Four Stage painting structure

    Do I have to paint in “four stages” after the course?

    Names of the stages we use and why

    When viewing a painting ..

    9 Painting Materials Information

    General Info about art materials

    Order for art supplies – repeated for your convenience

    Making Number Two Medium

    10 Types of Techniques

    The different types of techniques

    11 Wrapping up before painting

    A quick question ..

    How is it going?

    Okay ! We’re painting !!

    12 Virgin Bush Scene

    Virgin Bush – Onsite

    Lessons in two or more parts

    Virgin Bush- Day One

    Day One photos

    13 Estuary River Scene

    Estuary River – Onsite

    Estuary River – Day One

    Day One photos

    14 Sea & Rocks Scene

    Sea & Rocks – Onsite

    Sea & Rocks – Day One

    Day One photos

    15 Distant Mountains Scene

    Distant Mountains – Onsite

    Distant Mountains – Day One

    Day One photos


    Stop Point One

    17 Stage 2 – developing the image

    Why these techniques are different

    Making Number Two Medium – repeated for your convenience

    Cleaning the brush during painting

    And some really good news!

    18 Virgin Bush Stage 2

    Virgin Bush – Stage 2

    Stage 2 photos

    19 Estuary River Stage 2

    Estuary River – Stage 2

    Stage 2 photos

    20 Sea & Rocks Stage 2

    Sea & Rocks – Stage 2

    Stage 2 photos

    21 Distant Mountains Stage 2

    Distant Mountains – Stage 2

    Stage 2 photos


    More good news!

    23 Virgin Bush Stage 3

    Virgin Bush – Stage 3

    Stage 3 photos

    24 Estuary River Stage 3

    Estuary River – Stage 3

    Stage 3 photos

    25 Sea & Rocks Stage 3

    Sea & Rocks – Stage 3

    Stage 3 photos

    26 Distant Mountains Stage 3

    Distant Mountains – Stage 3

    Stage 3 photos

    27 Stage 4

    Stage 4 Mental Approach

    28 Virgin Bush Stage 4

    Virgin Bush – Stage 4

    Stage 4 photos

    29 Estuary River Stage 4

    Estuary River – Stage 4

    Stage 4 photos

    30 Sea & Rocks Stage 4

    Sea & Rocks – Stage 4

    Stage 4 photos

    A note about seascapes

    31 Distant Mountains Stage 4

    Distant Mountains – Stage 4

    Stage 4 photos

    32 Accents

    Accents – Philosophy

    Accents Lesson – Virgin Bush

    Accents Lesson – Estuary River

    Accents Lesson – Sea & Rocks

    Accents Lesson – Distant Mountains

    33 Congratulations and Farewell

    Farewell and some thoughts to get you on your way

    Easy on the wallet. Sophisticated results. Let’s go!

    Budget Price Course - Best Value for Money!
    Huge 6 months access – over four times what you need

    Seven (7) day 100% Money Back Guarantee


    Not what you’re looking for?

    While this course is priced very inexpensively, we have an extremely comprehensive course that teaches the very same advanced techniques. And lots more. It’s for the artist seeking a professional career. Check it out!

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